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Of printed Circuit Board Assemblies

We’ll make your prototype into a real electronic product!

A Reliable Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies In Hamden, CT

If you are planning to create your own electronic product, turn to Electronic Specialties of Connecticut, Inc! We are among the leaders in Printed Circuit Board Assembly.


One of our goals is to satisfy our customers’ every need with only the highest quality of circuit board assembly service possible.


We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to quality, service, technology, and cost. At the same time, we provide our employees with a safe and healthy environment to work and allow participation and growth with the company.

What We Do

Our team will take your design from prototype to production. Prototypes can either be built by hand or on our prototype line. We can provide a complete turnkey solution or work with consigned material and provide input on design and layout to maximize production and reduce cost.

Our high-speed component placement lines will handle ROHS and non ROHS runs in full production for both surfacemount and thru hole components.

Along with testing we also provide value added and unit assembly services. Engineering services are also available.

About Us

Established in 1981, our business was owned and operated by Rich Dumont. Duc Nguyen, and a partner at the time, purchased the company and later on became the sole owner in 2012.

 Our company is certified in Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC) and a System for Award Management (SAM) registrant. We use the latest technology and automation to provide excellent services, such as through-hole, surface-mount, and mixed technology assemblies.

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